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  • Technical Support 

  • School Culture and Climate

  • Brain Based Learning

  • Instructional Audits

  • Data Analysis and  Data Interpretation

  • Personalized Administrative Coaching

  • Continuous Professional Development

  • Master Scheduling

  • Implementation of CTE/ECE

  • Implementation of PLC/ SLC

  • Creation of Formative and Summative Assessments 

Professional Development 

  • Transformational Leadership: How to be a Purposeful and Responsive School Leader

  • Increasing Academic Rigor in the Classroom

  • Coaching Teachers: Providing Effective Feedback

  • Creating Powerful PLC's

  • Formative and  Summative Assessments that Work

  • Restorative Practices

  • Teaching the Reluctant Learner

  • Cooperative Discipline

  • Increasing Student Engagement

  • Develop a district - wide and/ or school wide definition of RIGOR 

  • Develop the capacity of principals and teachers to focus on academic rigor in all classrooms

  • Increase central office efficacy to focus on productive leadership in schools 

  • Build partnerships with families to boost parental involvement in all schools

  • Create district - wide programs to provide enrichment and remediation to prepare students for college and careers


We are a group of transformative and transactional educational leaders, each with more than 20 years of educational experience in the public and charter school sectors.  That experience covers all areas in K-12 education and includes, but is not limited to; significant academic gains for children, reduction in suspensions, culture and climate improvements and building capacity of the instructional staff.


We specialized in teacher and administrative evaluations, formative and summative assessment development, data analysis and interpretation, organizational analysis, instructional staff and teacher training, staff development, differentiated instruction, strategic planning, early childhood education, facility management, RTI, EWI ( Early Warning Indicators) and all special education matters.


P.O. Box 2708 

Hyattsville, MD 20784

Tel: 904 ~ 372 ~ 3443

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